Maternity Shoot

Past my 3rd trimester, my belly was significantly growing daily. I was 32 weeks in and it took more effort just getting around. To plan a maternity shoot was the last thing on my mind but I could imagine my future self being thankful to have photos to look back at this stage of pregnancy – and also before any stretch marks surfaces! When Ming Han suggested a home photoshoot, I said okay! We took some shots on our own, and writing this post now at week 38, I’m so glad we did it. We did no gender reveal party or grand announcement, but just told our family and friends in person. It was pretty amazing that both of us had a gut feeling that it was going to be a girl when we found out that I was pregnant at 5 weeks. And sure enough, our doctor confirmed that we will be anticipating the arrival of our little girl very soon.

Outfit Details
Cotton On Nightgown (old) / Summer and Peach Coco Sleep Nursing Bra