Third Trimester (29-38 weeks)

Ming Han’s journal continues.

Week 29

Waking up in the morning is getting later and later. I wake up earlier than her nowadays actually. Surprisingly. Baby is a real real kicker but she’s taking care of mom’s figure very well. Coco crunch has become her main diet.

Week 30
Nothing much this week. Almost literally forgot to write about it because pretty much everything went quite nicely and smoothly.

Week 31
It has finally happened. Her rings don’t fit on her fingers. She whined but just a bit. “I thought it wouldn’t happen already” but it did. Had quite a scare with a sudden nausea and piling to a point where she felt like blacking out in the car. We suspect it was food and water from a mamak place we went to. She recovered the next day after getting her water back on schedule and proper food again.

Week 32
Sleeping is getting a litttleee bit tough now. Her back and hips and waist can’t seem to get comfortable and baby is getting bigger and bigger and moves tonnes!

Week 33
She’s a bit more sore in her belly now. Sleeping at night is definitely a wrestling match with the baby. And mannn can you see baby’s limbs pop up on her tummy!! Also she’s sleepier in the daytime again. A bit like the first trimester. Get ready to talk about all the changes to her different body parts.

Week 34
Sleepiness is coming back! The aches are getting a bit more intense when baby kicks and moves now. She suddenly jumped up to rush to the toilet to puke today (Friday) after breakfast. No idea how or why. Going to the toilet has been more frequent now. Baby must be pushing on the bottom quite a bit. 

Week 35
She’s been a trooper at home. I’ve had to go out for full week shoots and come home to find her planning for Christmas and presents. OH! And she has confirmed her stretch marks. But I think at this stage she’s made good peace with it. Also - she’s definitely noticed her feet, ankles, legs and fingers swelling up a bit.

Week 36
Had quite a scare in the middle of the night, early Monday morning. Suyen had intense back pains and started vomiting. We rushed to the A&E ward around 4 in the morning and stayed til 6/7am only to find out a bit later on that she just had muscle spasms. Quite the startling surprise nevertheless. She started watching her water intake much more after that and especially her sitting posture/support. Learned about the kinds of medicines pregnant ladies can take. After mid-week the backaches went away.

Week 37
She’s noticing more and more of her stretch marks and they apparently appear more looking like rashes. Her feet and fingers have swelling that goes up and down depending on how much she stands and walks and how much I massage them. Sleepiness is back again but overall everything seems pretty normal other than the baby becoming realllllyyy big!

Week 38
This week started with quite a surprise too. We went for our CTG scan which showed mild contractions. That put us into quite a frenzy/rush in the morning trying to figure out what to do and how to pack everything within the next few days. The doctor gave us a choice to induce it tonight (Tuesday) and have the baby tomorrow (Wednesday) and THAT made our jaws drop. 

Baby isn’t here YET. And so, the wait continues.