Christine: Birthday Card

This birthday card was for one of my favourite people in London. Little did I know that this card would have a story to tell. "One of the weirdest thing happened today, I received my birthday card sent by Suyen, and in the envelope, it was also this card for a guy called Carlos Rodrigues from Montijo, Portugal, which apparently has the same birth date as I do, but he was turning 35 not 22. The red envelope was tore open, the stamp was not stamped by the post office."


Somehow, this beautifully written card to Carlos ended up in my sealed envelope together with my card and both were delivered to UK instead :) How did that get into my envelope in the first place? This mix-up was a beautiful encouragement to my work to see how people took time to make and write special birthday notes for one another, simply lovely. But how that happened remains as a mystery, till today :) At the same time, I don't know if I should be reading it. When she told me about it, I saw all the lil nice touches in the already opened package, and would be something nice to be shared :) If you're wondering how to achieve such effect on the edge of the paper, here's one of my favourite paper distressing technique: tutorial Use a thicker cardstock as the cover and for the inner page, cut an inch smaller than the width of the cover. When you're working, always save any left over ribbons that you have because you can always whip them up again when you're making cards! Add a strip of paper to hold the flap down :)