Graduation Cards

After years of perseverence through assignments & exams; learning how to manage time and deadlines while developing meaningful friendships, we gather on this special day to celebrate the day we offically turn graduates :) Twas a time of fun- far more interesting than I ever thought it would be. :) Fellow friends & graduates made time and together we made a special video, a series of fun interviews shown on graduation and a card for all graduates. So happy to see so many individuals blest and so excited for each one of YOU as your venture on the journey we call LIFE! Congratulations all you fellow graduatess!

And specially Jonathan Chu & Paul Leong who joined me together to pull some surprises for the fellow graduates as well as familes and staffs.

Inspired by this

Thick PVC cardstock

Cutting in bulk is challenging :)

Cut into squares

Print designs out on A3 size Cut the edges, leaving about 2mm of white border :)

Double-side the edges

Paste the insides to the double black PVC

Attach ribbon on the sides which are already lined with double side tape

Burning CDs of our student production- a series of interview of the students of Life College

Inserting the CDS into the cards. Thankfully all got done just minutes before leaving to attend our graduation.