Dress Revamp

As Malaysian Ball was emerging, I was in search for an outfit that allowed me to walk around comfortably and able to dance in it. Came the perfect week when Christine, a great friend from London came to visit me and we ended up doing some customization to the dress. I totally loved doing this with her. Instead of spending lots of money on an outfit, we got a simple and elegant black dress and added some sweet touches to it. Ended up spending less than £30 on the outfit and was definitely a piece of its kind! Worth thinking of customizing something out there and save you lots of ka-ching and make it a project to remember!

A common black dress from Atmosphere(which I feared someone else would turn up in same dress *horror*) and a gold rubberband from H&M. Customizing it left me assured no one will turn up in the same DRESS :D

Before- a long black dress with a beautiful sequined neckline and a side slit

We were both drawn to incorporating side gathers like the dress below

Christine magic hands at work



One site that does lots of D-I-Y and improvisations is : http://www.designsponge.com/ which I love to go and be inspired by the things people do.