John + Jeanette: Bridesmaid Dresses

Jeanette- a friend of mine who was getting married , also had the confidence and faith that there will be wearable dresses for her bridesmaids on her wedding day :) Months before the day, I had the opportunity to work on an interesting (and scary too) project . I loved sewing but sewing for others, more than 1 piece, & for a wedding was indeed a very huge task! Nevertheless, this non-pro had people believing she could pull it off and viola, a week before the wedding, I'm proud to say 8 pieces were completed in time! No easy task at all, and not the nicest sewing seams but my heart almost dropped, a relief when I saw all the bridesmaids walking down the aisle, each looking stunning in the lovely fabric the bride has chosen. Hard process but the end result was sooooooo worthwhile :) It's true when you're in the process you are knitted through the planning. You cant be more than glad to see how everything gets woven together into a beautiful picture.

And that was what happened.

when you think of how everything came together - all the stories: it's beautiful :)

A little preview of how the process went.

2 layers of fabric


Cutting of the fabrics

Using a original Kariza design as a guide

Another 2 different fabric for 2 sets: I love these fabric combination

all done cutting :)

MMS images to Jeanette more ideas of tying the dress

look who dropped by - the bride herself :)

and Bella, Swet Winne's dog finding the fabric comfy

And sewing was done!!

On the wedding day

Before walking down the aisle :)