A Stop Motion Animation

I realized I did not upload much of my design archive from my first year. Shall backtrack and update some earlier works. This project was done in 2009; it was my 3rd semester in Diploma in Multimedia for the subject, Animation Techniques. It was my very first experimentation on stop motion and I loved working on it! It was a process, running into many problems and using creative solutions to make it work.

Stop Motion Animation

Some behind-the-scenes

Simple setup - black boards, a tripod and table lamp as a fill light

Craft wire used to make the crumpling paper /uncrumpling stop motion easier to animate.

drawing and choosing the RIGHT man

Did multiple takes on this part of animation. It was fiddly to work with the man and its motions, causing the paper to tear after moving it. It was one of the longest part as it involved remaking multiple "men" and reshooting the whole thing again each time it drops.

Craft wire was the savior for this stop motion project! Although it required photoshopping the wire away frame by frame :) It was rewarding after all parts of the animation were string together and hitting the play button.