Albert + Rachel: Wedding Card

I had the privilege to help in their wedding early this year, and it was an amazing ONE!  I wanted to do a something for them as their wedding gift, but sadly couldn't make it in time. Late. But I had to. haha now it has been 4 months :)

I loved how their wedding card was one out of the ordinary wedding cards you would receive, their pre wedding shots, weddin car dco and even wedding ceremony speaks volume of their love of dance, individuality and love. If you have seen it, you will know what I meant.


words were taken from their wedding card. - the ghetto streets and the city

I asked them for their fav shots of their preweddin shoot and when Rachel passed them to me, my initial idea flew out of the window and in came a new idea!!

Designed them in 6X6inches and printed them onto 6R matted paper.

Trim the sides to the desired size

Double-side and mount it on a thicker board

These are sold in most stationery shops, with a large range of colors

Laying it out  helps you to  imagine the final artwork

Punch holes where the ribbons will be. Punching it was tough. Get a guy to do it! *chuckles* or use the floor + knee (what I did)

I had the front cover printed again on white cardstock. I wanted the texture.

I mounted the middle part "I Do" with some thicker double sided foam & repunched that

Ribbon of your choice. I used fibres which I got it off during a sale in a craft shop in Singapore.

and you're done! =)