Sew A Bolster Cover

Recently, my colleague had trouble finding a suitable extra baby bolster cover for her daughter. I followed her into 'Babyland' one afternoon and I found it really odd that there was no standard sizes for  baby bolster covers. Sizes varied from S-M-L and each brand differs from another. One would have the right size but was too long, or it would be the right length but it was too narrow etc. The solution was to buy another bolster + bolster case in a set which was about a min of RM15.00 at the store. So, that brought up the opportunity to try sewing one or two for baby Isabella :) We bought 1m of fabric in the end and managed to save some kaching while making more covers. This is Isabella's old bolster cover <3 ahh the smell of it! (hehe)


My colleague hand picked this cute cotton fabric and I bought some elastic and satin 'kun' to add some pink tones to itTake the measurements from the previous cover Sketch out and plan out the cutsI do not have an iron, so I used a bone folder to crease the line down Attach the satin bit onto the bottom layer of the fabric and sew one time through. I used the zip footer on the sewing machine to give a better control on the stitches. Once done,  sew the other part on top to cover the stitches.


Do remember to keep the edges from fraying, I used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine as I do not have an overlocking machine :) I do know some people use a zig zag scissors too, whichever you prefer, these are just recommended to keep the edges from fraying :) Now to attach the elastic bands to your cover. Cut the desired length of elastic band and stitch them together :) Insert the elastic band around the edges and sew them And it's done! That's all it took! :) Have fun adding buttons or various kinds of fabrics, although baby bolster are best kept plain and have lesser things that they can pull off!! p/s: Thanks Mommy for the pic!! :) Here's lil Isabella with her new bolster case <3