Rememberer/ Dark & Unaccustomed Words: Book Covers

During my placement at Inpress last year, I proposed few book cover designs to Eggbox Publications. It was after my placement duration, they revert to say they liked them and would like to take them forward. Over the next few months, I continued with this project and finished it recently. Got the great opportunity to redesign an existing book series which they are looking into implementing the designs onto more books in the future. I worked on 2 books: Rememberer & Dark and Unaccustomed Words. After many months of editing and reverting back within authors and the publisher, these were finally send for print. It is a great joy and rewarding to have your design being used in existing poetry books! Am excited to receive my own copy of it. Been great working with EggBox on these and am working on another book cover at the moment.

BOOK 1: Rememberer

BOOK 2 : Dark & Unaccustomed Words

Now available on amazon :) Was pretty mint seeing these actually being implemented!