Catherine: A Birthday Card

Cat, short for Catherine is one of the most efficient PA I know so far. She has been serving in our company for many many many many.... (really) many years and she has never fail to surprise me with her multitasking ability, keeping updated with everything that is going on and the large amount of tasks on her plate. Last week, we did a card for her with messages to highlight what we really appreciate about her. And it made her smile :) I made a little envelope from a 2-sided 12X12 cardstock and cut a square 'window'.  Then, I folded a white cardstock in half and measured it according to the size of the envelope. I found a pic of a really cute cat that I thought she would like (with a ref pic from the net) and colored it with purple (her fav color) chalk. The words were stamped onto it and the page was filled with everyone's signatures.


Find something circular and used that to draw a semi circle at the back. This makes it easier to remove it from the envelope :)


Our messages to dear Cat :)