Charms: A Personalized Vase


Charmain, or rather Charms is someone I knew when I was a little girl and she soon became very dear friend of my sister and I. We grew up in Sunday School and when both our families did home schooling, we met up even more often and now we are in our twenties! How fast time has flown. SHE is a package of goodnessShe is someone that holds on to her values and with that comes a whole list of really amazing character qualities she possesses and I'm not the only one who will say that about her! So when it came to her birthday, we really did not know what to do. We headed to Ikea and we saw this really pretty milk bottle/ jar. Perhaps we could do something with it.. perhaps a vase? and the brainstorming began. We called her sister and found out her favorite flowers were LILIES and this was what my sister and I put together for her in the end :) I drew this on a 165gm artblock paper, cut it according to the desired shape and measure the diameter of the jar. Then, chalked the corners with a mixture of green + yellow, darker on the corners and slowly fades towards the middle. Then, pair it with a ribbon :) This Lily almost did not survived the 2 hours drive back to Malacca! But do note: It's tricky to make sure no water drops gets onto the wrapper.  The cake made up for it :) I would like to introduce someone. My sister. She baked an amazing vanilla pecan cheesecake... which is really vanilla pecan cake layered with cream cheese, slight crunch and texture from nuts and hawaiian coconut. She is one person who really make sure the TASTE is right and something she's proud of each time she bakes. Look out for more of her stuffs which is coming up soon :) We included a lil sketchy birthday note, something we put together during the journey back to Malacca. Her sister placed the vase of lilies in her room and Charmain came home, walked into her room that night to find this waiting for her <3