Updates have been less the past 2 months. No, I have not stopped :) I was doing my internship and that left very little time for craft work.  Nevertheless, it was still possible with sacrificing some sleeping hours.  Have been doing little fun projects for my friends :) Here's one of the recent one. A birthday card for my huddle leader, Cindy.

A few of us wanted to insert our own personal birthday notes to her, but each anonymous note was written by another person. She had to guess which of her huddle girls wrote it.

That led to making little pockets to fit each note in them. Measure to the size you want,make little envelopes and cut a rectangle and place clear sheets (what you use for your folio covers) for the front.

Colors inspired by the packaging of her gift- a nice solid brown

Find a ribbon that you love from your stash and tie them together. I had a hard time choosing one.

Happy birthday Cindy <3