Dixon + Melissa: A Birthday Card

2 orders came along. Two birthdays were coming up. And they happen to be for 2 friends of mine- Dixon and Melissa. These were actually done earlier but didn't want to post till Jonathan actually gave them their cards. So yesterday was the day. Now that he was gave them, here they are. lol

Theme: Blue

went with the idea to make it into a lil folded booklet =)

Got these cool material from spore which I really enjoyed using them.

Theme: Red ( Her fav color).

its about palm-size. Portable to carry around, if she wanted too.

accordian style- where it folds back and forth. hehe

oh, I discovered this cool thing by accident. really. Take a plain color paper and stamp all over it= you get a textured paper. Easy yet simple.

Happy birthday to you 2 December babies.