Food Swap at Food Foundry

Last month, my sister and I participated in Klang Valley's first ever Food Swap event organized by Food Bites. When a colleague shared with me the idea of a food swap, itwas something really new to me and I immediately googled (hah!) and discovered how people have been doing this in many different countries. It was a simple but brilliant idea to connect people of the same passion, share ideas, which also at the same time bring and build the community together. The Malay Mail wrote an article on the event and Farez Khan did an amazing job in putting together a video which showcases what the event was all about.

We were glad to secure the final place for the event and with only 2 days away, we came together to plan. Through her love for baking, my sister has cultivated my love in trying out recipes throughout the past few years. For this Food Swap, she decided that we would prepare 3 things: Mushroom Chicken Quiche, Parmesan Shortbread & Rich Choc Chip Cookies! While she baked in the day, I came and help during the night and handmade the packaging for these treasure goodies! Do visit her fb page called It's Baked! to find out what she has been baking :)


The picture below was what we brought to the table that day. After setting up, we went around the room to see what everyone else brought from home. Every single participant were so talented and brought something unique and different. Among my favourite were Mariam's Rendang, Hankerie'sPesto Sauce, PlateCulture'sLithuanian Lazy Pie and Fariz & Aneesha's Sun-dried Tomato Hummus. We filled out the 'Food Swap Slips'and after 30minutes of scouting, we swapped our items with one another. These were what we exchanged at the end of the day and it was so much more than we came with! Both my sister and I had an amazing experience from this one-day event. We met some who are starting their business, stay-home moms who loves to bake and working adults who squeeze time to cook and bake during the weekends!


Thought I would also share with you how these packaging were put together :) My sister and I love simple packaging and for her current branding, we printed her logo, designed by the talented Hsulynn, with her contact details on stickers which could be used in any single piece of stationery that she needs.


For business cards, I cut a stack of 5.5cm X 9cm cards out of A4 sheets and pasted the logo on each one of them. It is a simple, fast and economical way to having business cards in small/ large quantity. Alternatively, you can also punch a hole on that and use them as tags as well. Two-in-one! As the cookies cooled down, they were quickly packaged into clear plastic bags and sealed with a heat sealer. These envelopes were made out of brown paper with double sided tape to secure the side flaps. For each envelope, a circle is cut ONLY on the front and for its branding, each had a sticker in the corner. Once that was done, the cookies were slipped into each envelope individually. Yes, the circles were indeed cut so that it reveals what's inside :) Without securing the top flap of the envelope, use a rope twine which you can easily get from ACE Hardware or Daiso and tie to secure it! And you are done :)

We had alot of fun figuring out what to do and in the midst of creating something from scratch in the kitchen, we got to meet so many people and be inspired by what they do, share our treats and be a part of a community like this :) If you are interested in joining the next Food Swap organized by Food Bites, you can send in your details to and they will update you the next time it comes around!