A Fun Fair Project

Module Title: Graphic Communication in International & Social Contexts. The past 3 weeks, our group (Andreas, Ani, Simin, Erika and I ) worked on a brief for Traidcraft, a charity organization that helps fight poverty through trading. We really liked what they were doing and for this brief, we were asked to create a new identity for a range of products,appealing to children as well to the youths and adults. Alongside this new identity, we were asked to create a logo, strapline, labels to be attached to the products and ideas for Point-of-displays. Our group contributed our strengths and pulled our ideas together.  After many(gazillion) tweaks and crit sessions, we continued refining them till the last 15 mins before presentation time. It was a honor being announced as the winner for the brief and the possibility of these ideas/ designs being implemented to help their organization move forward. Receiving a cheque from them, that being put into our next year degree show was a bonus! :) Tiring and lots of sacrifices made, we had fun working on this.

Andreas had a great name and logo: Fun/ Fair which later became Fun Fair and that gave us a strong start. It was both FUN ( for kids ) as well introducing FAIR trade. Andreas, Ani and Simin did most of the illustrations while I implemented them into our labels and printed items. Erika did a beautiful job with our point of sale displays, including building a huge Helter Skelter!

We began researching of elements found in a funfair and looked into how we could incorporate stories in our illustrations.

Then, we began looking at illustrations that we found interesting. We categories 3 ways we could implement our design styles : Doodles, Bold colors with solid shapes and Papercut

Then everyone did their own illustrations and we slowly build our own library of elements and we went through a long process of experimenting different styles of drawing and tweaked them. ALOT

With the elements drawn, we tried various ways to incorporate them into labels. We decided to go with the idea of turning the labels looking like funfair tickets.

Some initial designs. Started with multiple colors, then we tried ways to add interaction within the images. Then we knew we needed to determine our color palette. We narrowed to 3-4 primary colors and later ended up with just 2 colors - simple and cost effective for print.

Combining line drawing with solid shapes

We liked the 2-color but the black took away the fun



Implemented it to stickers

Printed on drafting film and screenprinted them

Cutting all of them

Perforated the tags

Punching a hole

There's a reason for every elements on it

Final product

Each one of us holding the designs we each designed

We had fun working on our POV display

Our team

Few days ago, we got news that Traidcraft really liked them and wants to implement our designs. We are waiting to discuss the details and we will be working on them during the summer break :) Looking forward to see our project taken to the next level- printed and actually being USED! I am excited!