Hsulynn: A Bridal Updo

Two weekends ago, I had the honor of helping my cousin with her hairdo on her wedding day. Hsulynn is a talented illustrator and you would see traces of her creativity in the details of her many wedding decorations. That includes designing her wedding dress and a handmade hairpiece that she made out of a piece of embroidered lace ( pic below ). During the hair trials, she drew me a picture along with several photos for reference and we experimented with what suited her dress and the occasion best till we were both happy. I had a great time working alongside Joni who is an amazing makeup artist and these photos were very well captured by two talented photographers. Check out their links below if you would like to find out more about their works :)

Makeup: Joni Lynn Photographers: Adrian Yap + Nigel Lim


Her hair was dip dye in brown so it was interesting to have several brown curls showing through her updo. *photo by Joni - Behind The Scene: we were trying to find a way to avoid getting any further creases on her dress while we prep her hair. So, Joni had a brilliant idea to have the dress go over the rattan chair :) And it worked. The charming groom swept her off her feet that night :) Watch them sing their vows that day HERE Once again, Congratulations Sam + Hsu!!