Into the Woods Poster

A walk through of my design development for my musical theatre assignment.Into the Woods combines the well-known fairy tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the beanstalk, and little Red Ridinghood with the story of the Baker and his wife. It's a retelling of familiar fairytales with happily-ever-afters who are being introduce to a world of uncertainties. (View plot summary )

Development stage:

Sketchbook - 101: put ideas down on paper and built upon ideas as it went along. It included discarding what did not work and continued refining elements that did. The images were some shots I took in the studio with paper cutouts, playing with different lightings and see the effects I could achieve in photos. After that I recreated a similar light setup in my bedroom with 2 table lamps as the key light and ceiling light as a fill light.

Set-up: I tried using what I already have so I did not have to buy more materials and came up with the silliest things to use. But they did the trick  :D

Grab a book from the charity shop; blue tack & highlighters worked well to keep the pages apart

Edited them away

For the zipper bit, I found a hoodie of mine and covered it with green crepe paper

It did the trick with some retouching here and there

Editing phase:

Final work