Lynette: A Birthday Album

One day, I receive a message from Lynette to ask if I offered scrapbooking services. After exchanging messages, she mentioned what it was for and I was taken by what she wanted to do for her dad. So, I said yes which led to the opportunity to create something for her dad's 60th Birthday! A Happy Birthday shoutout goes to Lynette's dad! She liked a brown and blue theme and we went with this beautiful color duo. I appreciated it alot as she gave me the freedom to create it and I had a great time working on this :) The finished book is a distressed, vintage looking 7.4" book with an accordian fold spine. On the inside, she would be gathering poloraid photos and birthday wishes from their relatives and fill the pages with the collection. Read on if you would to find out more. *edited on 22.08.13* Lynette wrote back a few weeks later and shared her dad's reaction when he received the book and read the messages in it. She wrote an amazing post about it and reading it just warms my heart :) Thank you Lynette. The string was going to help hold the pages together after all the photos are attached inside and it could be easily be untied as well. If you are wondering how this was made, here' s a similar tutorial you can follow. The binding was using the accordian fold spine Inner pages - 165gm paper 16 pages Photo credits: LynettePhoto credits: LynetteThe message was stamped separately with a cream color cardstock, distressed around the corners. And lastly for the packaging, the book was placed into a brown polka dot bag - Tutorial HERE