Make Simple and Easy Tags

If you are looking to create some personal gift tags, we would love to share with you what we did recently. These are a bunch of 'Thank You' gift tags that we put together in an hour and would like to show how you can do these with just a few tools :) Read on to find out more!

Cardstock / 'Thank you' stamp / Brown stamp pad / Rubberband / Needle & Thread


Cut some circles from your cardstock. I used a circle cutter but you can used any jars/ objects to get the shape and cut them out. Choose the design of your choice and stamped it on the circle you have cut out.

This is one of my favorite tool, also a very inexpensive one to buy to achieve some really nice weathered look with it. You can buy one of these from Craft Haven, One Utama for less than RM5/each. I can't remember what these are called but they look very much like a thimble. All you need to do is press it onto your stamp pad. Browns/ Reds are very good colors to create a very weathered look. Then lightly rub the edges of the paper and slowly go over it to a few more times to build the colors up. You can use some black/ darker browns to create a stronger color or just keep it subtle like this. Next, get ready your needle with a good length of thread and a rubberband on the side. Insert the needle through your paper and insert it through the rubberband (below) to end with a double knot. These are great options for table centerpieces - rubberbands are very flexible and inexpensive way to decorate bottles/jars of different sizes.  Not only that, these can also be used to spice up your wrapping skills!(below) Hope these gives you more ideas the next time you are looking for some gift tags :)