Make a Simple Book


Ever thought of making a simple booklet without spending too much on one? I've made a lil A5 size book recently and thought of sharing with you how you can remake something like this with basic scrapbooking tools :) You can take this simple concept and implement it for any size and thickness of pages desired.Start by making the cover. I took a 12 X 12" paper and cut them in half. Then, using glue/ double sided tape, attach  these two pieces togetherThen to make the spine, create a crease of 1.5 inches and repeat that for four timesCut the inner pages according to the size of your book and make sure they are slightly (approx 0.5 cm) smaller then the book cover. Make the markings with a pencil ( where the eyelets will be fastened) and punch holes through it ( I used a scrapbooking tool to create these small holes)Attach the eyelets to the book. This will secure the entire book :)This is how it looks from the outside. I love this method alot because it hides the eyelets and you don't see it until you turn to the first page.You can create and paste interesting paper texture and create a flap from the front + back cover With the appropriate eyelets to the thickness of your pages, you can easily make photo albums, journals and customized notebooks at any time! Then, finally, have fun designing the cover! Draw, stamp or attach a photo to design the cover :)