D&AD: Ministry Of Sound Posters

This was a 3rd year project which was also submitted for D&AD. In response to this typography brief, this project highlights the Ministry Of Sound brand with its recent vibrant colour palette. Acting as a 3-months advertising campaign, the first step was research. The research was broken down into three sections. The first was researching the surface. Extracting and understanding the brief before the brand brought a good level of understanding of its 21 years of history and its soul mission statement of existence from their website and secondary webpages. Secondly, was researching the interior. Connecting the subject to various related subjects that were tied to the club brand widen the initial research. Findings included knowing the people who regularly attends their sessions, the DJs, genres of music played, the lights, types of events and people’s personal experiences. Finally was researching the core. This brought a deeper analysing of the essence of what made the club brand truly different. The focus was to bridge the connection between my first two levels of research: the identity of Ministry of Sound and the reflection of its identity. From research findings, they were narrowed down to focus on three aspects: the atmosphere, a personal experience and the quality. The result of continual experimentation brought a fusion of different elements from each of the three concepts into the final piece.

Being a typographically focused brief, type itself was created into an image. The element 100% is introduced to emphasize on the essence and quality of the club with its 3-core characteristics- its sound, energy and top DJs. The element is tilted a 90° to give a sense of mystery and inquisitiveness that will help grab the curiosity of passers-by. Parts of a vinyl record are used in the build of 100%, which highlights the various music genres in Ministry of Sound. With a common element to be used throughout three posters, each poster carries an acronym of the category highlighted that month in their bold colours. The rounded edges gives a sense of flow through the entire 100% which ties to the groove and music atmosphere the club guarantee’s a personal experience.

Not more than three colours were chosen from the colour palette for each poster. Purple being the main colour of the Ministry of Sound’s identity is chosen to be background colour of all three posters, taking the main stage above the other elements on it. For the hierarchy of information, the dates and DJS were kept as primary and the additional information were kept secondary, smaller in point size but still legible. The colours used were chosen to the three-colour scheme of each poster.

Mounted on foam boards for university submission

Specifications for each poster




These are some of my development work, starting from using vinyl pieces to create numbers

Development 1.0: Curves in the vinyl pieces did not work as well with number "1"

Development 2.0: Various ways to create numbers

Development 3.0: Went back with 1.0 and tweaked the number 1 and treated the number differently

Development 4.0: Putting more emphasis on the message of each poster and tweaked the combination of colors used on each poster

Final: Final tweaks on the colors

Sketchbook work