Min: Farewell Card

Simplicity brings out the beauty in things. Min, a very dear friend of mine was leaving for Korea and in the midst of my huge workload, I wanted to make her a farewell card. This was done in 5 minutes and I thought it was something quite simple and easy to do, but beautiful at the same time. So I will like to share it with you. I used an A3 card stock and folded it into fours. We later wrote all of our messages inside.

Fold into fours, vertically first, then horizontally. Punch two holes at the top.

Choose a ribbon and string it through, tie a bow and it's done. It looks almost like a present by itself. Be creative and use pattern papers/ multiple ribbons :)

To read, she unties the ribbon, unfolds the pages and find all her messages inside.

In need of a card but you do not have much time to do one? Try this and have one in 5 minutes! :)

UPDATED - 01/03/12

It's great to hear from people who gets inspired by ideas from my blog posts. It's an honor to be able to share and give ideas that helps you when you read blog posts here on bitsofdesign. This is from Christine who send me a pic of a card she made after she read this post :) Thank you Christine.