Musical Theatre Posters

Semester ended! These are some of my works in my first semester in BA(Hons) Graphic Design - Year 2 in Northumbria University, Newcastle. Assignment: Create 3 musical posters on A2 canvas size. We were given 3 different themes with 4 titles each and we would choose a theme and 3 musical titles of our choice. Along with the 3, we are to design an accompanying special edition programme booklet for one of the musical :) I had an A-Amazing journey working on these pieces!

I chose Musical Theatre mainly because I did not know anything about them and it would be great to take up the challenge to do something unfamiliar. The 3 titles I worked on were:
1. Into The Woods +  Programme booklet
2. Guys & Dolls
3. War Horse

Portfolio hand-in

3 posters, programme booklet, sketchbook & a reflection of my work