Nancie + Rebekah: Customised Books

Notebooks are truly very enjoyable to workon. I got a few more for 2 of my very dear friends. I opened up my little "treasure chest" so see what I could use. This little box is filled with all kinds of stuffs: from  little tags to unique looking things that people do not want. My mom use to say I like collecting trash. These so-called trash seem like treasure to me. Empty box. Wananot? Want. Toilet roll. Wananot? Want. Ribbon. Wananot? Want. Once the pile grew so much, I didn't have enough storage. I had to threw/ give some away. Something I found lying in the box: I don't really know what you called it but it's a part of those old-fashion floppy disc. My dad had a bunch of old floppy disk years ago, and I didn't want to threw them away. =p I took the middle pieces out to keep. and now, I got the chance to use em.

Merry Christmas Nancie and Bekah!