Scrapbooking in 2005-2006

First few works I did after I discovered there was such a thing called Scrapbooking. haha 14.11.2005

Idea from Art Attack XD


* Cut out the size of your wanted scrapbook.

1. Paste Kitchen towel (see the dot dot texture?) over cardboard.

2. String and paper mache used to create swirls and border designs.

3. Paint and applied PVA glue all over the whole book (makes it look glossy too)


1. Cut out brown paper. Double the size (width) of your scrapbook size. Because you would stitch them together later.

eg: if it's A4, your brown paper would be A3 (double of A4 landscape way)

2. Using a sewing machine, sew 4-5 pieces of brown paper together. You would have about 7-10 sets of stitched paper in the end(depending on how many pages your scrapbook will be)

3. Using something heavy: bricks/ dictionaries OR clips and use them to hold your stitched paper firmly.

4. Glue the sides, leave it overnight.

5. Glue them (I used a gluegun and it works perfectly) to the scrapbook cover that you have decorated.


1. Punch holes at the side and install eyelets ( where the string is being tied to) and string them with your fav string/ ribbon.

YES! that's a long process, but a fun one. =) If you prefer, you can head to a scrapbook store and get an album.. haha


Check out EclipseCrossword - that was how the crossword puzzle was done