Nut Bars

I learnt this from watching Min. This is a very fast and easy recipe to follow, and it takes REALLY GOOD too, a favorite especially if you are a fan of NUTS!

1. Get a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. (chasewnuts, almonds hazelnut, peanuts, dried cranberry, sultanas, dried apricot, coconut)

2. But them in a bag and crush them into smaller pieces.

3. Mix lots of honey in the mixture.

4. Over medium heat, stir and add more honey until the mixture sticks together.

5. Add some cinnamon ( less/ more to your own liking)

6. Once sticky, transfer it into a lined baking tray and let it cool until it hardens.

7. Once cool, remove from baking tray and cut into cubes (it's very sticky)

8. We decided to wrap them into smaller pieces of baking paper and twist the sides so they look like candy wrappers.

9. Pop them into a jar/ pack them into bags to give away!