Charmain: A Personalized Journal

Something I did sometime back for my friend, Charmain =)

She loves writing. She loves languages. She loves classic stories.

her birthday was coming!!

Gave her a personalised notebook with a letter C-for Charmain.

It's really simple to make. No kidding.

Here was what I did.

Get some fabric, with the size of the book, measure and leave an extra of 2.5-3 " on all 4 sides. Cut the fabric out

Fold the sides in slightly and sew them.

It'll look something like that.

Lay the book on the fabric and fold the sides in and glue them down. I prefer double sided tape, as they  leave my fingers glue and sticky-free

Add any embellishment/deco/ funky elements you like. For this I stamped the C on  embossed ink and embossed it with white powder- it didn't have the white embossed look as I expected, but instead it gave it a pretty frosty texture. =)

Find a ribbon/lace and tie your personalized journal.

This is one, specially for you, Charmain~ with your favorite verse and quotes inside.