Olympics Posters

This is my project in my 3rd semester subject, Design Illustration. Using Illustrator, we had to create posters for a campaign during the Olympics season. I chose to use chains- a visual to represent Obstacles to go along with the theme: it's all about the SPIRIT of the game.  I was aware the theme itself is cliche. Even so, I wanted  it to focus on athletics that were not so called "champions" but yet responded positively. Namely these 3 athletics really stood out to me during the Olympics. I really enjoyed this assignment, as it challenged me to be able to think of ways to show, to illustrate to other people the MESSAGE I what you them to get with just ONE look. There were a lot of sketches, writings, searching for the right pictures, changes, critisms, and scribbles involved, but I loved each part of it. It was the start of my love for Illustrator and the eye-opener towards the world of designing.