Su Li: A Birthday Book

Suli was turning a year older: to a beautiful number; 23. =) My cousin and I planned a lil surprise for her, with the idea of 23 little crazy things she had to do on her 23rd birthday. To remind her of this special day, got the idea of making a little journal for her to jot down everything that happens that day. There was time constrain in doing this as I had to do it when she went out of the house. Got a beautiful notebook and pasted some cardstock and viola: got it done

Had a little difficulty in figuring how to tie the ribbon to make it convenient to open. But like this way.

tried something diff: putting paper bits inside the circle vellum. so you can rattle it.

23 things she had to do.

This accordian pages are pasted onto the booklet itself

My craft supplies are running out. haha. Gotta stock up.. slowly but surely.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas and a JOYOUS new year ahead!

Happy 2009!