Nancie + Rebekah: Customised Books

Notebooks are truly very enjoyable to workon. I got a few more for 2 of my very dear friends. I opened up my little "treasure chest" so see what I could use. This little box is filled with all kinds of stuffs: from  little tags to unique looking things that people do not want. My mom use to say I like collecting trash. These so-called trash seem like treasure to me. Empty box. Wananot? Want. Toilet roll. Wananot? Want. Ribbon. Wananot? Want. Once the pile grew so much, I didn't have enough storage. I had to threw/ give some away. Something I found lying in the box: I don't really know what you called it but it's a part of those old-fashion floppy disc. My dad had a bunch of old floppy disk years ago, and I didn't want to threw them away. =p I took the middle pieces out to keep. and now, I got the chance to use em.

Merry Christmas Nancie and Bekah!

Hsulynn: Book

Here's what you can do if you have any old notebooks. Get some nice looking wrappers, cardstock or fabrics and give it a new makeover. Found some really neat books from Ikea and wanted to do something for my cousin for Christmas. Got some pictures from Suli's 23rd birthday sleepover, added some captions on photoshop and send it for print. It looked awesome with the original wrapper, so all that needed to be wrapped was just the back where it says IKEA. Once wrapper was done, added ribbon and lastly pictures =) My only regret was I only got it done way after christmas. hehe. but she loved it.

Merry Christmas Hsulynn, my dear cousin!!

On a separate note, I finally checked out Craft Haven in I U. I always wanted to check it out since they renovated in January but never got the chance to till few days ago. They sold many items from KCK (my fav brand by far) and Kaiser (both from Spore). They prices are just a lil higher then what you can find in Singapore. Although some are pretty reasonable. I bought A VersaInk inkpad for $4.00 in Singapore while I can get it for about Rm6.90 in Craft Haven. Check them out if you get the chance, you art and scrapbook lovers! (In the new wing). I'm planning to check out their classes offered. Time to learn and sharpen my skills.

Su Li: A Birthday Book

Suli was turning a year older: to a beautiful number; 23. =) My cousin and I planned a lil surprise for her, with the idea of 23 little crazy things she had to do on her 23rd birthday. To remind her of this special day, got the idea of making a little journal for her to jot down everything that happens that day. There was time constrain in doing this as I had to do it when she went out of the house. Got a beautiful notebook and pasted some cardstock and viola: got it done

Had a little difficulty in figuring how to tie the ribbon to make it convenient to open. But like this way.

tried something diff: putting paper bits inside the circle vellum. so you can rattle it.

23 things she had to do.

This accordian pages are pasted onto the booklet itself

My craft supplies are running out. haha. Gotta stock up.. slowly but surely.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas and a JOYOUS new year ahead!

Happy 2009!

Dixon + Melissa: A Birthday Card

2 orders came along. Two birthdays were coming up. And they happen to be for 2 friends of mine- Dixon and Melissa. These were actually done earlier but didn't want to post till Jonathan actually gave them their cards. So yesterday was the day. Now that he was gave them, here they are. lol

Theme: Blue

went with the idea to make it into a lil folded booklet =)

Got these cool material from spore which I really enjoyed using them.

Theme: Red ( Her fav color).

its about palm-size. Portable to carry around, if she wanted too.

accordian style- where it folds back and forth. hehe

oh, I discovered this cool thing by accident. really. Take a plain color paper and stamp all over it= you get a textured paper. Easy yet simple.

Happy birthday to you 2 December babies.

Suit Lin: A Birthday Card

Did some cards for an order a few weeks ago but didn't get the chance to post them up. =)Something about Suit Lin: A very sophisticated person but loves simplicity. Adores white

While thinking about the word simplicity, I decided to work around 2 colors: black and white. Found some pretty white ribbon with black stitches in my ribbon collection and cut-out letters from my die-cut machine.

Happy birthday, Suit Lin!!

More to come =)