Nancie: A Farewell Gift

A very good pal of mine was leaving to further her studies in UK. She's a very sentimental person, who loves scrapbooking and designing even more recently. Tried my first time to make a proper scrapbook with pictures of the past 6 months since she came up to kl and the time we have been hanging out together.

Gave her at the airport. and she cried! =) Mission accomplish. XD

Just wanted her to have something to look through each time she felt alone.

She adore spirals and the moment I saw this pattern paper, I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Scouting for more materials for my next few projects =)

Charmain: A Personalized Journal

Something I did sometime back for my friend, Charmain =)

She loves writing. She loves languages. She loves classic stories.

her birthday was coming!!

Gave her a personalised notebook with a letter C-for Charmain.

It's really simple to make. No kidding.

Here was what I did.

Get some fabric, with the size of the book, measure and leave an extra of 2.5-3 " on all 4 sides. Cut the fabric out

Fold the sides in slightly and sew them.

It'll look something like that.

Lay the book on the fabric and fold the sides in and glue them down. I prefer double sided tape, as they  leave my fingers glue and sticky-free

Add any embellishment/deco/ funky elements you like. For this I stamped the C on  embossed ink and embossed it with white powder- it didn't have the white embossed look as I expected, but instead it gave it a pretty frosty texture. =)

Find a ribbon/lace and tie your personalized journal.

This is one, specially for you, Charmain~ with your favorite verse and quotes inside.

Oink: A Chat Messenger

My project last semester, my 4th semester. Using Adobe Director, we had to create a simulation (I wrote stimulation on my assignment sheet XD).. ok. simulation of a chat messenger of our choice from scratch with good design as well as interaction. With several suggestions by friends, the final one was Oink Messenger. I wanted it to be a simple and fun looking design with bright colors. It was another fun project to do, and I was more than HAPPY with my marks for this project. Here are some printscreen shots.

The theme changes the background color.

Olympics Posters

This is my project in my 3rd semester subject, Design Illustration. Using Illustrator, we had to create posters for a campaign during the Olympics season. I chose to use chains- a visual to represent Obstacles to go along with the theme: it's all about the SPIRIT of the game.  I was aware the theme itself is cliche. Even so, I wanted  it to focus on athletics that were not so called "champions" but yet responded positively. Namely these 3 athletics really stood out to me during the Olympics. I really enjoyed this assignment, as it challenged me to be able to think of ways to show, to illustrate to other people the MESSAGE I what you them to get with just ONE look. There were a lot of sketches, writings, searching for the right pictures, changes, critisms, and scribbles involved, but I loved each part of it. It was the start of my love for Illustrator and the eye-opener towards the world of designing.