Christmas Presents


This Christmas, I really wanted to bake some sugar cookies, but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. With a possibility of us spending Christmas in the hospital if baby decides to arrive earlier, baking was out of the question. But I still wanted to make something simple at my 8-month pregnancy mark. Saw some cute Santa-belt wrapping ideas online and got inspired to make these for Christmas.

Part 1: Popcorn
MagicTime microwavable popcorn – Jaya Grocer
• Red/white cotton twine – AliExpress
• Glue tape roller – Lazada
• 100pcs Red/gold Felt drawstring bag – Baked With Yen (Kota Damansara branch)

Part 2: Belt
• 1” satin black ribbon
• Gold shimmer A2 cardstock

We ordered custom shirts and bags for our families with Famsy and wrapped them in a similar way.

It was a lovely, quiet Christmas with our families – a day after coming home from the hospital.

It was a lovely, quiet Christmas with our families – a day after coming home from the hospital.

Maternity Shoot

Past my 3rd trimester, my belly was significantly growing daily. I was 32 weeks in and it took more effort just getting around. To plan a maternity shoot was the last thing on my mind but I could imagine my future self being thankful to have photos to look back at this stage of pregnancy – and also before any stretch marks surfaces! When Ming Han suggested a home photoshoot, I said okay! We took some shots on our own, and writing this post now at week 38, I’m so glad we did it. We did no gender reveal party or grand announcement, but just told our family and friends in person. It was pretty amazing that both of us had a gut feeling that it was going to be a girl when we found out that I was pregnant at 5 weeks. And sure enough, our doctor confirmed that we will be anticipating the arrival of our little girl very soon.

Outfit Details
Cotton On Nightgown (old) / Summer and Peach Coco Sleep Nursing Bra

Baby Announcement

I felt better around week 14 and started thinking of ideas to announce to our extended family and friends. While browsing, I came across some really adorable baby booties origami and this awesome tutorial by PaperMade - Origami & Crafts. (Scroll down for tutorial). Perfect for a couch-lounging-DIY project (my current state – 90% of the time at home). Started experimenting with 6 x 6 inches scrapbook paper and soon realised I need thicker card stock. When it’s too thin, it rips at the front fold and if it’s too thick, it gets trickier with the folding. After multiple failed attempts, I found that vellum worked wonderfully! I had a textured A4 white vellum and cut it down to 8 x 8 inches. Paired them with some mini eyelets and brads as I found them to look more elegant, compared to satin ribbons.

For our baby announcement photo, MingHan did a home photoshoot with our wedding sneakers. Can’t believe how tiny it looked till it was photographed with our shoes!

20170812_WEDDING_MINGHAN_SUYEN_181 copy.jpg
First attempt

First attempt

Framing it up
After the shoot, I wanted to frame it up and place it in the baby room. The RIBBA frame from Ikea was the perfect size! To add contrast to the white shoes and white frame, I used an illustration from Hsulynn Pang as a background and stuck the shoes with some heavy-duty mounting tape. It’s now part of the deco in the baby’s room!


Third Trimester (29-38 weeks)

Ming Han’s journal continues.

Week 29

Waking up in the morning is getting later and later. I wake up earlier than her nowadays actually. Surprisingly. Baby is a real real kicker but she’s taking care of mom’s figure very well. Coco crunch has become her main diet.

Week 30
Nothing much this week. Almost literally forgot to write about it because pretty much everything went quite nicely and smoothly.

Week 31
It has finally happened. Her rings don’t fit on her fingers. She whined but just a bit. “I thought it wouldn’t happen already” but it did. Had quite a scare with a sudden nausea and piling to a point where she felt like blacking out in the car. We suspect it was food and water from a mamak place we went to. She recovered the next day after getting her water back on schedule and proper food again.

Week 32
Sleeping is getting a litttleee bit tough now. Her back and hips and waist can’t seem to get comfortable and baby is getting bigger and bigger and moves tonnes!

Week 33
She’s a bit more sore in her belly now. Sleeping at night is definitely a wrestling match with the baby. And mannn can you see baby’s limbs pop up on her tummy!! Also she’s sleepier in the daytime again. A bit like the first trimester. Get ready to talk about all the changes to her different body parts.

Week 34
Sleepiness is coming back! The aches are getting a bit more intense when baby kicks and moves now. She suddenly jumped up to rush to the toilet to puke today (Friday) after breakfast. No idea how or why. Going to the toilet has been more frequent now. Baby must be pushing on the bottom quite a bit. 

Week 35
She’s been a trooper at home. I’ve had to go out for full week shoots and come home to find her planning for Christmas and presents. OH! And she has confirmed her stretch marks. But I think at this stage she’s made good peace with it. Also - she’s definitely noticed her feet, ankles, legs and fingers swelling up a bit.

Week 36
Had quite a scare in the middle of the night, early Monday morning. Suyen had intense back pains and started vomiting. We rushed to the A&E ward around 4 in the morning and stayed til 6/7am only to find out a bit later on that she just had muscle spasms. Quite the startling surprise nevertheless. She started watching her water intake much more after that and especially her sitting posture/support. Learned about the kinds of medicines pregnant ladies can take. After mid-week the backaches went away.

Week 37
She’s noticing more and more of her stretch marks and they apparently appear more looking like rashes. Her feet and fingers have swelling that goes up and down depending on how much she stands and walks and how much I massage them. Sleepiness is back again but overall everything seems pretty normal other than the baby becoming realllllyyy big!

Week 38
This week started with quite a surprise too. We went for our CTG scan which showed mild contractions. That put us into quite a frenzy/rush in the morning trying to figure out what to do and how to pack everything within the next few days. The doctor gave us a choice to induce it tonight (Tuesday) and have the baby tomorrow (Wednesday) and THAT made our jaws drop. 

Baby isn’t here YET. And so, the wait continues.

Second Trimester (13-28 weeks)

A husband’s point of view. Words from Ming Han’s journal continues.

Week 13
The emotional manipulation and guilt tripping begins. When it comes to food particularly. I’ve already caved in. There is no saying “no” to the queen of life.

Week 14
Announcement week! She’s started the ‘baby clothes’ ball rolling by making her own baby shoes for the photos. Oh boy. Fart-shame no longer exists.

Week 15
Foot massages are the epitome of love for her now (good tip: use moisturising cream for her legs too). She has no problem hanging her legs over my shoulders to get a massage. Vomiting has finally slowed down!! But midweeks are still the worst for her. Went back into one day of just feeling absolutely tired.

Week 16
While I was lying on my tummy using my phone, she suddenly asked “oh when can I lie down on my stomach again”. I had no answer.  Her nausea is seemingly getting better, but she had a bad Friday and felt a bit down. The down parts are a bit hard to watch but these are the times to be beside her more.

Week 17
This week went pretty lowkey, normal - until she asked to get a Ramli burger special right after a 6-dish Chinese dinner. 

Week 18
Her after-dinner cravings have kept up. But there’s a slight improvement to her nausea. We both know it. We both aren’t saying anything because we both don’t wanna jinx it. 

Week 19
Suyen’s only JUST gotten a bit more clumsy and its a bit nerve-wrecking. I’ve never been so on edge and alert like a watchdog. But we’re on our honeymoon and it SEEMS like her nausea has really gone down and we’re just crossing our fingers more and more.

Week 20
Our honey-anni-babymoon in NZ was a dream. Zero nausea, 100% energy levels - it was like the woman I once knew. But the minute she touched down, she threw up 6 times in the same day and was so depressed about it. We made a small switch that seemed to make all the difference - bottled mineral water. Side note - she becoming a LITTLE absent minded. Just a bit. The baby has started kicking/punching!

Week 21
Energy levels are back and she’s super happy about it. Was it really the water? She cleaned the house for the first time since she got morning sickness - THAT’s how good she was feeling. Thursday was a shock. She was throwing up in the morning just off some coughing. We realised its really a water thing. She mistakenly drank some older water that we had. Switched back to distilled-a-okay.

Week 22
Nausea is gone - water was the “thing”. Baby is kicking like crazy! Also - I came home to furniture moved around the house. Including a whole cupboard from the bedroom to the washing machine room - with all of its contents swapped out and reset with new ones. Heavy, many, new ones. I don’t know how she did it.

Week 23
Came home to a new cupboard/shelf assembled and more painting done. Had a bit of a stressed out moment because she was painting @-@ but good Lord. She moved the whole balcony by herself and built a huge piece of furniture. How??

Week 24
Baby is going AT it. Kicking is at full force and from time to time - she’ll be “eeeeee” because the baby is poking her arms/legs/we actually don’t know what, out of her tummy. Also, she puked twice this week. No idea why or how but just in the mornings, but she was cool with it. Oh! She cooked her first meal again in months! (The chicken was 4 months expired though - but our stomachs were totally fine) Also - becoming a bit more pregger-brained apparently. This week, random things started slipping her mind a bit more.

Week 25
Baby’s cute bumps have become boxing matches. Suyen’s always groaning how the baby’s stretching her body and tummy and ooh-ahh-ing whenever the baby kicks (really kicks). Also, pregnant brain has come into effect (I thought we were clear from that). She lost her access cards this week and she was pretty bummed about it. Thank God for the good security guard who returned the cards to us.

Week 26
Spent half the week in SG but returned to an interesting event. Prenatal class was pretty interesting - not what we expected it to be at all. But the most calming thing was actually seeing the maternity wards and the different rooms. The labour room wasn’t near as scary as what we thought it would be! 

Week 27
Baby clothes, diapers and anything baby-fitting are in full-spaz mood. She spent a while just looking at newborn diapers and picturing how the baby would be in them. Also, she built a full-sized IKEA bed with drawers at the bottom and I still have no idea how she does it. I’m actually typing this while she’s sleeping next to me and I can see the baby having a ball of a jumping up and down session in her tummy! My gosh does the baby move even more while she sleeps?

Week 28
She had the first real stretchmark scare the other day. It wasn’t the real thing though. She was in a dress that left some marks on the top of her tummy. But boy was it a real scare to her.