Turn a Placemat into a Bag


Over this Hari Raya holiday, I got an order request to create a 16-page scrapbook and a suitable packaging was necessary. In my unsuccessful attempt of finding a suitable box for it, I walked around Daiso and found a really beautiful placemat which brown polka dots, which was a similar pattern as the scrapbook and turned it into a bag for it. Here's a simple way that you may be able to do the next time you have trouble finding a packaging for your gift :) Here's the finish product and click CONTINUE READING to read the entire tutorial on it.Most placemats are a one-piece, but I manage to find a cotton placemat that happened to be 2 pieces of fabric sew together. (one side plain and the other with polka dots). Snip off 1 cm off the top of the placemat to remove the stitches. This saves the hassle of unpicking the stitches. Now you see how this can be a bag! That bit that you just cut off will be the top of your soon-to-be bag One quick fix instead of taking out the sewing machine is to use double sided tape to secure it down. Put a strip of double sided tape and fold it down. Repeat that step so that you will have a clean finishing with no thread fraying. This is how the bag should look from the inside (front & back). Create a little tag with your message on it. I used a 'Best Wishes' rubber stamp with some silver ink, cut out a circle and distress the sides with some black ink. Now use a ribbon/ yarn to gather the fabric together and viola... you are done -pic below :)