Unplugged 2010

Unplugged 2010 happened!

After 4 weeks of battling face-to-face, 5 contestants made it to the Finale: 1. Eighteen19Twenty 2.Ashley Atkinson 3.J.A.C.C 4.Three Minute Nights 5.Philip Rom

Unplugged was an awesome awesome time seeing so many campus students and people gather together on a Friday night!! This year it was bigger, better, more categories, more participants and extra-FUN!! Priase God, we had one salvation and 2 rededications at the end of the night!

Got to work with awesome Jocelyn for this year's Unplugged banner. She has amazing drawing skills and it was great able to work together on this on a short period of notice :)

how we started with: we reused the board made for last year's sign

Jocelyn's very first draft of sketches, which transformed after drafts :)

curtains :) Got awesome RED fabric and sew them into curtains

Jocelyn - the lady behind those awesome doodles

Unplugged 2009

Unplugged 2010