Buffet King: Valentine's Day Posters

Do not ignore any opportunity that is given to you if you see there is potential. Take it even if they are small tasks and even when it means not getting paid. Work hard, learn as much and I assure you, it will lead you to something bigger.

Thought of sharing what I learnt from that as this project was one of the 'fruit' of that journey. After working in Buffet King as a part-time waitress for 5 months, this duration had allowed me to build a good relationship with my management and as time progressed they knew I was studying graphic design and gave the opportunity to proposed some Christmas posters to see what I could do. These were the first designs I did for them- no pay and to be even funnier, these were use as framed A4 posters in their toilets ( advertising in anyway you can :p )

Nevertheless, that led to helping then design their Chinese New Year posters and one day came the opportunity to design their Valentine posters. Had a 2-day dateline and thankfully, they were pleased with the designs and went on to be printed. From that project onwards, I was paid well and given more design tasks. How glad I was I did not say "Sorry...quite busy with uni, don't think can do" in Dec. That could have meant I would not have gotten the chance to do these and to share with you.

Thus, never undermine what each little "Can you help?" may lead to. Your designs can add value to another person and I think that is pretty mint! Opening your mind to possibilities will make life more exciting :)

Enough talking. :) This was last year's poster. They wanted to retain all information but was open to suggestions.

(below)The finished design - landscape.

Used the actual image of their wine to highlight their V-day promotion.

design - portrait

A little sneak peak of elements used in the poster. Setting up a simple white background to photograph the bottle

Used a high resolution image of a bouquet of roses from the Internet

Posters were printed too small by mistake unfortunately :)