Drools: Website Design

Web Programming: Create a database, allow people to create accounts & make online orders , and as an admin to have access to the information. I worked on the designs while Melissa & I worked on the implementation.  Designing and brainstorming was alright. Programming wassss challengingggg. Don't know how my programmer friends do it. *i  salute u* One sem is enough for me.. least for now lol

Our idea:

  • Make online orders for cakes/ cupcakes/cookies possible
  • Step-by-step customization during ordering
  • Create an account & receive a birthday wish on your birthday
  • Database allow baker to know their customers/ num of purchases etc

Brainstorming and linking all the pages together.

* sry you have to see those lines. I had to print screen these pages from Dreamweaver, so those lines appeared as well*

So much more to learn, so much more to improve. This was a good try for our first time. =)