Hsulynn: A Bridal Updo

Two weekends ago, I had the honor of helping my cousin with her hairdo on her wedding day. Hsulynn is a talented illustrator and you would see traces of her creativity in the details of her many wedding decorations. That includes designing her wedding dress and a handmade hairpiece that she made out of a piece of embroidered lace ( pic below ). During the hair trials, she drew me a picture along with several photos for reference and we experimented with what suited her dress and the occasion best till we were both happy. I had a great time working alongside Joni who is an amazing makeup artist and these photos were very well captured by two talented photographers. Check out their links below if you would like to find out more about their works :) Makeup: Joni Lynn Photographers: Adrian Yap + Nigel Lim


Her hair was dip dye in brown so it was interesting to have several brown curls showing through her updo. *photo by Joni - Behind The Scene: we were trying to find a way to avoid getting any further creases on her dress while we prep her hair. So, Joni had a brilliant idea to have the dress go over the rattan chair :) And it worked. The charming groom swept her off her feet that night :) Watch them sing their vows that day HERE Once again, Congratulations Sam + Hsu!!

Chris + Jia Ling: Thank you Card


This is a thank you card for a beautiful couple that I had the privilege to be a part of their wedding day. Together with 2 others, we helped the bridal party with their makeup and hair that morning. The couple left for Australia, and the bride took time to write thank you notes to those who helped along the way. In appreciation to that, I decided makeup would be a lovely tool to use to reply that thank you note, on paper :) And here's a picture of the card made and the tools that were used. If you are interested to how this was put together, there's a video of the process at the bottom of the post. Enjoys!Fake lashes worked really well to help create this look! :)

If video does not load, you can watch it on Vimeo.

Lynette: A Birthday Album

One day, I receive a message from Lynette to ask if I offered scrapbooking services. After exchanging messages, she mentioned what it was for and I was taken by what she wanted to do for her dad. So, I said yes which led to the opportunity to create something for her dad's 60th Birthday! A Happy Birthday shoutout goes to Lynette's dad! She liked a brown and blue theme and we went with this beautiful color duo. I appreciated it alot as she gave me the freedom to create it and I had a great time working on this :) The finished book is a distressed, vintage looking 7.4" book with an accordian fold spine. On the inside, she would be gathering poloraid photos and birthday wishes from their relatives and fill the pages with the collection. Read on if you would to find out more. *edited on 22.08.13* Lynette wrote back a few weeks later and shared her dad's reaction when he received the book and read the messages in it. She wrote an amazing post about it and reading it just warms my heart :) Thank you Lynette. The string was going to help hold the pages together after all the photos are attached inside and it could be easily be untied as well. If you are wondering how this was made, here' s a similar tutorial you can follow. The binding was using the accordian fold spine Inner pages - 165gm paper 16 pages Photo credits: LynettePhoto credits: LynetteThe message was stamped separately with a cream color cardstock, distressed around the corners. And lastly for the packaging, the book was placed into a brown polka dot bag - Tutorial HERE


Turn a Placemat into a Bag


Over this Hari Raya holiday, I got an order request to create a 16-page scrapbook and a suitable packaging was necessary. In my unsuccessful attempt of finding a suitable box for it, I walked around Daiso and found a really beautiful placemat which brown polka dots, which was a similar pattern as the scrapbook and turned it into a bag for it. Here's a simple way that you may be able to do the next time you have trouble finding a packaging for your gift :) Here's the finish product and click CONTINUE READING to read the entire tutorial on it.Most placemats are a one-piece, but I manage to find a cotton placemat that happened to be 2 pieces of fabric sew together. (one side plain and the other with polka dots). Snip off 1 cm off the top of the placemat to remove the stitches. This saves the hassle of unpicking the stitches. Now you see how this can be a bag! That bit that you just cut off will be the top of your soon-to-be bag One quick fix instead of taking out the sewing machine is to use double sided tape to secure it down. Put a strip of double sided tape and fold it down. Repeat that step so that you will have a clean finishing with no thread fraying. This is how the bag should look from the inside (front & back). Create a little tag with your message on it. I used a 'Best Wishes' rubber stamp with some silver ink, cut out a circle and distress the sides with some black ink. Now use a ribbon/ yarn to gather the fabric together and viola... you are done -pic below :)

Christine: Birthday Card

This birthday card was for one of my favourite people in London. Little did I know that this card would have a story to tell. "One of the weirdest thing happened today, I received my birthday card sent by Suyen, and in the envelope, it was also this card for a guy called Carlos Rodrigues from Montijo, Portugal, which apparently has the same birth date as I do, but he was turning 35 not 22. The red envelope was tore open, the stamp was not stamped by the post office."


Somehow, this beautifully written card to Carlos ended up in my sealed envelope together with my card and both were delivered to UK instead :) How did that get into my envelope in the first place? This mix-up was a beautiful encouragement to my work to see how people took time to make and write special birthday notes for one another, simply lovely. But how that happened remains as a mystery, till today :) At the same time, I don't know if I should be reading it. When she told me about it, I saw all the lil nice touches in the already opened package, and would be something nice to be shared :) If you're wondering how to achieve such effect on the edge of the paper, here's one of my favourite paper distressing technique: tutorial Use a thicker cardstock as the cover and for the inner page, cut an inch smaller than the width of the cover. When you're working, always save any left over ribbons that you have because you can always whip them up again when you're making cards! Add a strip of paper to hold the flap down :)