Before I speak of her services, let me just say that Su Yen is the gentlest soul I have ever met, yet she also possesses a quiet confidence in the work she does. As I got to know her throughout the wedding planning process, I found her to be warm, accommodating, and always professional. I first engaged her for my pre-wedding shoot. I felt comfortable being around her as we both talked about our lives and got to know each other better during the make-up process. After that experience, I was even more convinced to engage her for my wedding day. During my make-up trial, she was always reassuring if I had any insecurities or doubts. She was also keen to listen to my feedback and quick to accommodate should I want changes during the actual day. On the actual day of my wedding, she was punctual and I felt I was truly in good hands. I loved how she did my hair and make-up, it was exactly what I envisioned, perhaps even better. All in all, the day turned out wonderful and I was glad to have Su Yen be a part of it. I didn't feel like she was an MUA on the job, but rather a friend who was by my side, who so happened to be a pro at make-up!

-Sarah Yong-

Su Yen is a talented make up artist and it’s a breeze working with her. She is organised, easy going, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the make up session. Her contouring skills are AMAZING and my make up stayed on perfectly throughout the whole day! I have gotten nothing but compliments from guests and Justin, my husband loves now natural I look. Additionally, she also did mom’s hairdo and it came out beautifully. Thank you once again, Su Yen, for making me feel wonderful on my wedding day!

-Charlene Chen-

Suyen was wonderful. She is so pleasant in nature and just such a calming presence amidst the craziness of a wedding. Suyen was so patient in waiting for us even though we had some issues with the hotel room etc. She listened to what we wanted and gave very helpful suggestions on what hairstyle to do. I received many compliments during that night and my greatest fear of looking unrecognisable with make up on vanished once I looked into the mirror and saw my made-up face. Suyen is wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs makeup done for events :) thank you for making my wedding day a special one!

-Rachel Ho-

My experience with Su Yen has been nothing short of amazing. I came across her website one fine day when I was casually doing some wedding related research. My first impression of her work was that her clients look absolutely fabulous and she has super good contouring skills. At the time I forgotten to bookmark her page and much to my dismay, couldn't locate her website after that. Fortunately, with some luck, I chanced upon her Instagram later and the rest is history. I booked her 1 year ahead of my wedding because I somehow trusted her work and know that someone as good as her will be booked out really quickly! I engaged her to do my make up and also my mother's make up. Su Yen is very patient in listening to my needs and addresses my concerns quickly. She has a good eye and good make up application techniques. She also gives very good tips on preparation before your big day. Su Yen very thoughtfully provided me a touch up kit for me containing the lip colour she applied on me, tissues for blotting and straws for me to sip on water. My make up stayed on perfectly throughout the whole day without any need to touch up and even survived a tear or two. I will definitely recommend her to all brides-to-be out there! If I were to rate her services from 1 to 10, I'd give her a 20.

-Judy Lau-

You’ve been so amazing and professional! Very thorough with your instructions and guidance and you also gave very good tips for not only make up and hair related but also for wedding in general! A very caring and sweet make up artist who makes the bride feel and look special and comfortable! Definitely would recommend you to anyone and everyone! Already have lots of family and friends asking for your contact details :)

-Yi Wen Eng-

Su Yen is so talented in what she does, I love her style of makeup, it made me feel beautiful and timeless. She had everything organized into a file with all the details of my wedding, photo references etc. On event day, she was on time and made sure that I was comfortable before we started. We chatted and she really is very humble in sharing tips and opinion. Su Yen finished on time and provided me with a touch up kit. I've never encountered anyone with such professionalism, it was such a relief to know I was in safe hands. And of course, my makeup and hair lasted all night and it looked just the way I wanted it to. Thank you!

-Deborah Chan-

Service is really good – you are a very approachable and warm person which eases my nerves and excitement while getting ready for my BIG day! I love the natural tones in my makeup during the day and the night look during my dinner reception. Everyone commended on my beautiful makeup and hairdo! Not a single negative comment 😁  In terms of pricing and service packages, yours is reasonable, compared to other artists – what more the end result was so good! I appreciate the touch up kit you provided on the day of my ROM ceremony – that was really helpful and a convenient kit to have. Overall, I was really satisfied with the experience! It made my whole journey of being a bride more enriching during the wedding weekend! Keep up the good work! 😊

-Jasmine Ting-

Su Yen, I have loved your professionalism since our first email exchange on my request for quotation for your make-up service back in January 2017. It was informative and had all the details that I needed to know about. I absolutely like how detailed and organised you were in your email summary, listing down carefully the selected make-up and hairdo for actual day, reminders for timing slots for both make-up sessions, and hotel room details. It definitely saved me a lot of time sifting through the multiple emails if it were in independent threads. As I have learnt myself, being organised pays big time. It was a great pleasure having you as my make-up artist. Keep it up Su Yen!

-Tay Hui Yen-

I am a person that will see services importantly as I feel that is the one important thing that people would wanna come back again. So when I texted you and chatted with you I felt you are friendly and when I went over to the make up trial. We could just talk so much things and share a lot of things. Your make up and hairdo are also perfectly nice and it suits me a lot. The whole process of having you to do the make up and hairdo for me are just comfortable and I felt in peace because I know I could trust you on my very big day. There are no awkward moments with you or having a moment that I can't be myself. I could feedback freely and we could just discuss on it freely. Thanks for making my big day a perfect one :)

-Sophia Teh-

I absolutely loved being able to work with you. You took initiative to suggest the right pricing package based on what I needed instead of giving me the bundle price. You were clearly professional in your Communications and conduct yet made me feel comfortable enough to feel like I was working with a friend. You took my suggestions gracefully and educated me on what would be best without disregarding what I felt I wanted as a bride despite how little i knew about make up. :) Also you were so accommodating on the day of the wedding with all the chaos and change in timing. While you were punctual, and everything else was late, you not only patiently waited but you helped out wherever you could. That's A-level customer service! Besides. Everyone said I looked beautiful and loved my hair for both events. I of course loved it. I could still recognise myself.. even my husband thinks so :)

-Divya Chandy-

Suyen was such a pleasure to work with! She made everything so easy for me and her friendly and cheerful disposition made me feel welcomed and relaxed. She engaged in conversations during our session together and made sure I got exactly the look I was after. She will also offer her take on what works best for the occasion but does not impose her opinions on you. She did my makeup for my Chinese wedding dinner and gave me a look that was wearable with my white wedding dress and dark evening gown. I looked like a better version of myself! It was a teeny bit over my budget, but I just loved what she did for my friends when they got married that I knew it would be worth spending the money. No regrets! Thank you for being so accommodating and I really hope to work with you again. You're amazing! :)

-Ashlie Goh-

Thank you Su Yen (: from the moment I met you during our first make up trial up to the wedding day you have been an absolute gem. It's nice to be able to trust someone fully knowing that the outcome will be great (: thanks for making me feel so comfortable around you as well. You managed to make my mummy and I look so beautiful, and still looking like ourselves! Only praises to sing for your craft and your talent. We have been truly blessed by you!


Everything was great honestly! I love the makeup, the hairdo and most of all you of course! Everyone mentioned how pretty I was on my big day and my makeup held up all the way till 3am!! :D Speaking to you before the wedding gave me something to take my mind off stuff at the wedding. You are so friendly and so willing to share stories that it made me feel like we have been friends for years. Your service was truly amazing. Definitely more than I expected. Thank you!

-Sarah Ooi-

I can't think of anyone better to do my makeup on my wedding day other than you. You make me feel so comfortable and confident. I didn't have to worry at all about how I would look or how my hair would turn out, if it'll be nice or not & etc. I could rest with the fact that you've everything under control.

-Gladys Tan-

Su Yen was one of the very first people that I did not hesitate to book! :) For a person who has no experience in make up (and professional make up), she did a great job in reducing my nerves by explaining every detail of what she is doing to my face and she is always checking with me if it's okay or not. From the make up trial itself to the wedding day, she was so friendly and accommodating, truly genuine in her conversations! On my wedding day, we found out that my curls wouldn't stay. So, she kindly lent me her hairspray and her make up set (without me knowing) for touch up purposes. I looked natural on that day and it looked great on pictures/video too! Just like what I wanted. Get her, you won't regret it! :)

-Claryn Chong-

Su Yen is very professional yet friendly. She is very organised, very engaging from the beginning till end and delivered a perfect personalised service experience. I love her makeup style and glad that I found her on Instagram. She kept her makeup natural yet enhanced my features well, that makes me feel very comfortable in my own skin. Could feel that Su Yen is very passionate about what she does and definitely very good at it!

-Phei Ching-

If you're looking for a make up artist who knows what's best for you, she is the one. If you are not sure if she will meet your expectations, trust her and you will see her beauty works exceed your own expectations on your most grandest of occasion. I am so happy not because she did things perfectly but she did her best to cover the imperfections (we were just slightly behind time) but Su handled it with so much calmness and guess what? STILL manage to exceed our expectations. (me, MIL and Mum). I am beyond words to thank you for making me feel extraordinary. I am so happy (even though we were little late) and so honoured to have you. You went all the way to make sure we looked our best at the wedding day. Thank you, Su! Many more assignments together!

-Josephine Kuay-

Excellent service, very professional, friendly, understanding, helpful and everything you need for a perfect make up artist! Thank you for giving your best! Everyone is so stunned by your work and no doubt I will definitely recommend to everyone 😊

-Laura Leong-

Suyen was wonderful to work with in every way. Extremely professional, easy-going & fun! Having her do my makeup was one of the first (and best) decisions I made while wedding planning. She made me feel so at ease on the day and at the trial. I am a person who doesn't wear makeup normally so I was quite nervous about having professional makeup done for this very special occasion. My concern was I'd end up looking like a different person, but Suyen managed to create a beautiful natural look for me that was absolutely perfect.

Suyen, thank you for being a part of my special day. Really loved the makeup you did for me, my sister and my mom. I can honestly say I have never felt as beautiful as I did on my wedding day and that is mainly down to you. Thank you again! You're officially awesome. :)

-Carolyn Foo-

I would highly recommend Suyen if you are looking for a good hair and make up artist to make you look amazingly beautiful on your special day! I guarantee that you will more than satisfied with the outcome.

-Alicia Liew-

Su Yen is an excellent make up artist who goes beyond the call of duty. From designing my beautiful pearl hair pins for my wedding to accompanying me for my photoshoot the day before, she is the kind of make up artist that doesn't exist. :D I wanted a low bun, as what I saw on Kate Middleton and Su Yen was able to replicate the exact same thing. She is versatile, easy to work with and you will definitely feel very comfortable with her. Thank you Su Yen for making me look beautiful on my special day (no one would have known that I did not sleep a wink the night before!)

-Rachel Chan-

Overall satisfaction: Two thumbs up!! 🖒🖒Very good service, punctual, well prepared and very good suggestions and advise provided.

-Grace Foo-

Su Yen is lovely to work with. She is friendly, warm and great at what she does. I felt like she really takes an interest in every individual and goes above and beyond to make the day extra special. She has great ideas, suggestions and is just the perfect MUA to have (supportive and caring) which to me, makes a difference on what could potentially be a rather stressful day!

-Kristy Tan-

'Fantastic' is the word that comes to my mind when I think of my hair on my reception in KL. I had two different outfits - one Indian Lehenga ( read: Flared skirt, top and a stole) and one Victorian ball gown for the evening and wanted one hairdo to go with both. It is commendable that even in my "bride-zilla" mode, she could understand what I was after. I was ready for the event on time and my hairdo stayed intact even after the 'After-party'. With the impeccable professionalism and precision that Suyen has, I was highly touched by her humility and it helped me de-stress before the event with light conversations. She is still my go-to beauty expert (highly responsive) when it comes to personal hair-styling, new / good hair-dressers in town (whenever I am down from Australia), hair-product application. I keep looking for occasions when Suyen can help me with my hair again especially when it is such a value-for-money!

-Monica Thomas-

My first impression of Suyen was her great communication and professionalism, and I hadn't even met or spoken to her. It was all via email. Meeting Suyen and having a make up trial was all I needed to book her in to do my wedding. Suyen is friendly, professional, efficient and extremely punctual. But her best quality for me was her skill in transforming my ideas and feedback into art. And she is open to feedback and working to improve her work for your benefit. In my case, it was working on my short, fine hair with new products as the initial products she had used wasn't as good. Weddings are often stressful and tiring but having make-up done by Suyen was my calm time. I would definitely recommend her!

-Shopna Bag-

You provide an amazing product at an extremely competitive price point. You are extremely talented at your trade, Su Yen. By being flexible and allowing me to add people last minute, you demonstrated your adaptability and versatile artistry on all types of skin types, skin tones, and age groups. Throughout the process, you consistently maintained open communication. Your professionalism assured me that I would have nothing to worry about, despite not undergoing a trial application and never meeting you before hand. Other positives that were appreciated included: your open mindedness to my aunties' well-intentioned makeup adjustments; continually updating "before & after" client photos to your social media platforms showcasing your skill range; and your fantastic disposition that makes the entire arduous process enjoyable.